Activated Carbon & Chloramine Combine to Cause Odor Issues

By: Michael Urbans

We recently had a troublesome water odor problem. We used Calgon F-600AR+ activated carbon for the treatment of PFAS/PFOA in a North Carolina community. The water was odor free prior to treatment but within a couple months it developed an objectionable odor similar to H2S.

After many phone calls with our frustrated dealer, we turned to our supplier, Calgon Carbon, for answers.

Highlighted below is Calgon’s response:

Our customer replaced the coal base, F600AR+, with catalytic coconut carbon and the problem went away.

The next time you use carbon as a water treatment solution make sure you find out whether the community is being treated with chlorine or chloramine.

Quality Report Carbon and Chloramine Odor – QIR23-117