It’s Your Water Podcast Now Active

By: Denise Urbans

After many, many months of talking about it. Urbans Aqua finally launched the podcast,  It’s Your Water

Getting it going was a huge undertaking for 2 baby boomers.  Even with professional help, it took over a year.   Wes Bleed of WQA patiently answered our dumb questions.  Kudos to our podcast developers, Resonate Recordings They were very, very patient with our “never-did-this-before deer in the headlights”questions.  Like a teenager on a skateboard, we’re getting more confident.  If you stick with us you should notice the difference between the first couple episodes and the more recent ones.  We are getting more relaxed and Mike Urbans humor is more what his fans expect. 

You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, Sticher, Google Podcast, etc.

Our goal is to talk about relevant water products, problems and people.  It is not a pitch or advertisement for Urbans Aqua but if it helps our business as well as our customers, we’ll be happy.  Trust the Frog!