Urbans Aqua Stocking Calgon’s – AquaKnight™

By: Denise Urbans

AquaKnight™ 12×40

Designed specifically for point-of-entry treatment systems,  12×40’s primary function is for the of removal of chlorine and tastes & odors present in drinking water.  This carbon is a cost effective alternative to coconut-based carbons and offers the advantages of reagglomerated bituminous coal-based carbons while being an economical solution for point-of-entry treatment. Made from select grades of bituminous coal to produce a durable, granular product designed for normal residential use, it’s mined and manufactured in the United States to insure consistent quality and availability. Certified to meet the requirements of NSF/ANSI 61 and all applicable provisions of the AWWA Standard for Granular Activated Carbon (B604) and Food Chemicals Codex.