Activated Carbon & Chloramine Combine to Cause Odor Issues

We recently had a troublesome water odor problem. We used Calgon F-600AR+ activated carbon for the treatment of PFAS/PFOA in a North Carolina community. The water was odor free prior to treatment but within a couple months it developed an objectionable odor similar to H2S. After many phone calls with our frustrated dealer, we turned […]

Urbans Aqua Stocking Calgon’s – AquaKnight™

AquaKnight™ 12×40 Designed specifically for point-of-entry treatment systems,  12×40’s primary function is for the of removal of chlorine and tastes & odors present in drinking water.  This carbon is a cost effective alternative to coconut-based carbons and offers the advantages of reagglomerated bituminous coal-based carbons while being an economical solution for point-of-entry treatment. Made from select grades of bituminous coal to produce a durable, granular product designed for normal residential use, it’s mined and manufactured in the […]

Training Session – PFOS/PFOA Reduction Using GAC & IX

Join us for our 2020 training session being held February 27th. 2 Sessions – AM & PM Reduction of PFOS/PFOA using Calgon Activated Carbon Reduction of PFOS/PFOA using Purolite Ion Exchange Resin Location Delaware County Chamber of Commerce 1001 E Baltimore Ave, Media, PA 19063 (behind Olive Garden) Time 8am-4:30pm Continental Breakfast & Lunch Provided […]

Chloramine Removal Using Activated Carbon

We recently had an application where chloramine removal from the water was critical. You think you know everything until you don’t. To meet tougher THM (trihalomethane) standards municipalities are moving to chloramine disinfection. Chlorine creates higher levels of trihalomethanes. Chloramine is more stable and a much weaker oxidant so resultant THM levels are lower. Makes sense […]

PFAS Treatment Solutions Update

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of man-made chemicals that includes PFOA, PFOS, GenX, and many other chemicals. Calgon Activated Carbon is a popular choice to treat waters contaminated with PFOS, PFOA.  Gaining fast approval is a new line of ion exchange resins from Purolite Company. Purolite A592E (residential grade) Purolite A694E (commercial […]

Enhanced Coconut Carbon vs. Coal Base Activated Carbon

What is “Enhanced Coconut Carbon”? According to Calgon Carbon enhanced coconut is basically a standard coconut product that undergoes additional processing (chemical fluxing agents and thermal conditions) to transform a coconut’s pore structure to be more like a reagglomerated bituminous coal-based product.  Coconut based activated carbons traditionally have a very tight pore structure (microporous) while reagglomerated […]