It’s Your Water – Top Five Podcasts

Our Podcast, It’s Your Water, began March 2020.  Since then we’ve recorded 22 episodes and we’re approaching 1,500 downloads.  The top 5 podcasts are as follows:  pH Basics You Need to Know Get Pumped Up Is It High Capacity Resin Or Not? Oxidation Principals Related to Popular Filtration Media Carp in the Bathtub! We always on […]

Master Fusion Ozone Generator – New & Improved

Master Water Conditioning announces an update to the Ozone Generator incorporated in their Fusion Ozone System. Improvements 12 Function Diagnostic Status Lights New Diaphragm Brine Check Valve One Year Service Reminder Alarm for Critical Maintenance Tasks Reminder alarm to clean, and/or replace the Corona Discharge Cell. Month, Day, Minute and Hour configurable. Alarm with reset […]

Using Chemical Feed Pump Systems to Increase pH

Traditional limestone or calcite neutralization systems are designed for ease of use however, higher flow rates can result in inconsistent treated pH levels.  Chemical injection systems are installed by dealers who want more control over the neutralization process.   To get even correction of variable flow rates, installation of a chemical feed pump system, such as Stenner, is […]