Cerapure-MAC is a proprietary blend¹ of manganese dioxide, metal alloy and activated carbon permanently attached to a highly textured, ceramic granular substrate.

Cerapure-MAC Applications

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Operating Parameters

Product Specifications - Cerapure-MAC

Effective Size0.25 mm - 0.30 mm
Uniformity Coefficient<1.4 (1.25 typical)
Density89 lbs./cu.ft.
Recommended Bed Depth24"
Recommended Service Flow8.0 gpm/sq.ft.
Backwash Rate10-12 gpm/sq.ft.
Operational pH6.5 - 9.5
Screen Grade (dry)50 x 60 mesh
Max. DP Across Bed30 psi
Packaging44 lb. bag (0.50 cu.ft.)
  1. Patent Pending
  2. In applications where disinfection is required position equipment after Cerapure-MAC. 
  3. Various effective sizes and uniformity coefficients are available upon request.