Neutralization of drinking water with pH values lower than 7 is critical to consumer health.  Low pH water can cause potential leaching of copper, lead and other metals.   Homeowners should be aware of greenish stains in ceramic bowls caused by leaching of copper piping.

Calcium carbonate or calcite is commonly used to treat acidic water.   Urbans Aqua stocks a variety of safe and easy to use calcite products to increase the pH of drinking water.

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Using Acid Neutralizer Media

Features & Benefits of Neutralization Media

Georgia Marble – In stock

Georgia Marble is a high quality, potable water grade calcium carbonate.  Calcium carbonate increases the pH of acidic water.

Pro Neutralizer Blend – NB50N – In Stock

Pro Neutralizer Blend NB50N is a unique blend of highly alkaline compounds designed to neutralize extreme acid water.

Oldcastle Water Neutralizer, formally known as Thomasville. – In Stock

FloMag PWT (Magnesium Oxide) – In Stock

Alternate to Neutralization Media – Using Chemical Injection Systems to Increase pH

Chemical injection systems are installed by dealers who want more control over the neutralization process.   Traditional limestone or calcite neutralization systems are designed for ease of use however, higher flow rates can result in inconsistent treated pH levels.  To get even correction of variable flow rates, installation of a chemical feed pump system, such as Stenner, is recommended.  This is especially important for commercial and industrial applications.  Sodium carbonate, soda ash, Pro Products Nutra 5 and Nutra 7 (NSF certified – Neutra 7 NSF Link)are suitable for residential use.  Potassium carbonate is also used but very expensive.  Sodium hydroxide may be used in industrial settings where chemicals are safely handled.

Injection System for Neutralization

Stenner Classic Pump System

Special consideration has to be taken with chemical handling.  Soda Ash should be kept in clearly marked containers and out of reach of pets and children.  Proper safety equipment is mandatory when handling soda ash- safety glasses, appropriate gloves and clothing.  Refer to the manufactures directions before handling.