Filter Sand and Gravel Media

Urbans Aqua stocks sand and gravel for quick shipment. 

Sand is believed to have been the first filtration media.  For water treatment filtration, it must be washed, graded and certified for potable water use.   Silica sand is shipped world-wide.  Its sub-angular form is conducive to superior filtration.




When to Use Gravel Sub-Fill

Carbon Filters - Backwashable TypeYesIf recycling carbon, separation of gravel from carbon is required.
Carbon Filters VOC RemovalNoBackwashing a carbon filter used for VOC removal will upset the mass transfer zone and may result in leakage of the contaminants.
Acid NeutralizersYesUpflow & Downflow systems
Softening - UpflowNoN/A
Softening - DownflowYes Creates a better flow pattern.