Res Care Cleaner for Softeners & Tannin Systems®

Res Care®, a specially formulated mild acid based liquid cleaner, is designed to clean resin pores of iron, manganese, silt, metal particles and organic compounds that cause softener inefficiencies including:

Regular use of Res Care will restore the softener beads and control valve parts back to peak efficiency and increase the life of the unit. For best results, use a Pro Easy Feeder® or manually add Res Care during the softener regeneration cycle to prevent mineral build up.

Res Care® is available in 4 oz. (RK50N), 64 oz. (RK64N), 1 qt. (RK32N) and 1 gal. (RK41N) sizes along with kits of 1 oz. (RK11K) and .5 oz. (RK15K)

Res Care Sell Sheet

Res Care Benefits:

Res Care Application:

Water Softener Systems

Tannin Removal Systems – Mixed Bed Softener (Cation)/Organic Scavenger (Anion)

Technical Information:

Pro Res Care® is a liquid Phosphoric Acid mixture not to be used with Gel Zeolite materials.

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