Parts & Pumps

Urbans Aqua stocks a comprehensive line of water treatment equipment components for softeners, iron filters, nitrate removal systems, tannin filters, neutralizers, RO’s, PEDI tanks and heads, ultrafilters and UV systems, just to name a few.

Visit our PDF Library for technical specifications and product manuals on components and parts.

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Urbans Aqua is a stocking wholesaler of Residential & Commercial Water Treatment Equipment and Supplies including Purolite , Thermax and ResinTech Ion Exchange Resin; Calgon & Jacobi Activated Carbon; Filterag Plus; GreensandPlus; Pyrolox Advantage; KDF; Birm; Sand/Gravel; Clack, Fleck, Autotrol & AqMatic valves; Stenner Pumps & Parts. 

Urbans Aqua sells exclusively to water treatment professionals.  We do not deal with the general public.