AquaMatic Valves for Water Treatment Equipment  

Why buy AquaMatic valves and parts from Urbans Aqua?

AquaMatic was formerly owned by Pentair.  In 2016 they were sold and rebranded as AqMatic.  The new owners have done a great job supporting and building the product line which will eventually be rebranded as AqMatic.  These products are manufactured in the United States of foreign and domestic parts.

AquaMatic Valve Types

AquaMatic Valve V42 

Diaphragm Valve ¾ – to 6-inch “Y”
Cast Iron or Cast Brass Body and Cap

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Spec Sheet AquaMatic V42 VAV Metal Diaphragm Valves

Spec Sheet Aquamatic V42 Solenoid

AquaMatic Valve K52

Diaphragm Valve ½-inch to 2½-inch “Y” pattern  
Glass-filled thermoplastic body and cap

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Spec Sheet Aquamatic-K52 valve

Master Chart AquaMatic K52

AquaMatic Valve K53

Diaphragm Valves 1-inch to 3-inch “Y” pattern
Glass-filled thermoplastic body and cap intended for corrosive applications but may be used for standard water treatment applications.

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AquaMatic Valve K53 Overview

Spec Sheet Aquamatic-K53

 AquaMatic System Accessories

962 AquaMatic Stager Control

The AquaMatic 962 control can be used with Aquamatic stagers (48,51,58) found on diaphragm valve nest designs for filters, softeners, polishers or deionizers.  This fully programmable series of controls enables users to fine tune the operation to meet specific application requirements.

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962 AquaMatic Stager Overview

962 Stager Control Master Chart 42990

962 Stager Control Manual

NXT AquaMatic Stager Controller

Available in the NX48 and NX51 Series configurations, the NXT Stager Controller is easy to use. It has the unique ability to fine tune stager operation for almost every water treatment application.

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Some key features of the NXT Stager Controller include:

NXT AquaMatic Overview

NXT Stager Control Master Chart

AquaMatic Stagers

AquaMatic stagers (48, 51 & 58) can be controlled by programmable controllers or adjustable timers.

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Spec Sheet AquaMatic Stager Series

AquaMatic Fluid Ejectors

Aquamatic Fluid Ejectors are designed for commercial applications.  Constructed of chemical resistant PVC, the ejector enables the operator to safely draw brine or deionization regenerants into water treatment systems.

AqMatic offers both NPT and socket weld styles from ½” to 2″ to match a range of installations.

To properly select the correct ejector, contact us. Each size has multiple colors that specify which orifice size the ejector is built with.  The supply pressure and solution to be drawn must be known. The draw factor and solution specific gravity will allow you to match the right ejector to the required regeneration flow rate and regenerant concentration.

These injectors (also known as eductors) may also be used for rebedding ion exchange or activated carbon systems.  Contact Urbans Aqua for more information about this application.


*For optimum performance, ejectors should be installed with a section of straight pipe extending from the discharge side.

Spec Sheet AquaMatic-540 Fluid Ejectors