Structural Tanks Overview

Urbans Aqua stocks residential and light commercial Structural® Poly Glass tanks, brine tanks and tank components for quick shipment to our dealers.

Structural® tanks have been the industry standard for quality and performance for over 30 years.  The 6” to 13” vessels have a 10-year warranty; the 14” to 16” have a 5-year warranty.  Structural® tanks feature a one piece, seamless high-density polyethylene liner and an encapsulated, leak free engineered polymer inlet.

Residential Brine Tanks

Round & Square Brine Tanks

Pentair Structural blow molded brine tanks are manufactured to high standards which guarantee years of trouble-free performance.  Available in different size and colors and with blow molded lids, or assembled with salt grid, brine wall and cap, overflow fitting and safety brine valve assembly.



Commercial Brine Tanks

Durable materials and quality production technology offer exceptional stress-crack properties for years of trouble free service.  Black color affords UV protection.


Structural Fiberglass Tanks

Feature & Benefits

Operating and Design Parameters


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Riser Tubes, Riser Pipes, Standpipes, Distributor Tubes for Structural & Clack

A distributor tube consists of a plastic or stainless-steel tube.  Attached to this distributor tube is a diffusor, collector, strainer or basket.  Its purpose is to produce even flow through an ion exchange or filter media bed.  It also functions as a retainer of the media in the tank.  The screen size of the basket should be appropriate to the media being used.  The tube length is cut to match the tank size and valve.

When to Use Gravel Sub-Fill

Carbon Filters - Backwashable TypeYesIf recycling carbon, separation of gravel from carbon is required.
Carbon Filters VOC RemovalNoBackwashing a carbon filter used for VOC removal will upset the mass transfer zone and may result in leakage of the contaminants.
Acid NeutralizersYesUpflow & Downflow systems
Softening - UpflowNoN/A
Softening - DownflowYes Creates a better flow pattern.

Urbans Aqua stocked distributor tubes.

Distributor Tubes & Applications

Stocked Distributor Tube Types
Distributor Tube & Basket 13/16 x 60”DSTTUB13/16X60Best suited for Clack 890 In/Out Head
Distributor Tube MB3460DSTTUB1X60High Flow, Heavy Duty
Distributor Assembly 32mm x 72"DSTTUB32MMFleck 7000 Valves must use this model
Distributor Tube 55" w/930 Basket SLDSTTUB56/930All round general purpose

What is the correct distributor tube length for softeners and filters?

When rebedding or retrofitting a softener or filter it is always a good idea to replace the distributor tube. The easiest way to figure out the correct length of the distributor tube is to cut the tube the exact same length as the existing tube.   However, if you’re using a different brand of control valve there may be differences in the length of cut.

Hub & Lateral Systems

For equipment incorporating tank sizes above 14” a hub and lateral design distribution system is used.  Hub and laterals are available in PVC, ABS, Polyproylene and Stainless Steel.Hub-Lateral

Valve size dictates the size of the distributor which in turn dictates the size of the hub. Laterals for filters and ion exchange systems differ in slot size.  Filter media type and backwash rates vary and generally require a slightly larger slot opening from ion exchange resin. Ion exchange laterals usually have .010” slots whereas filter laterals slots are .020”.

Performance of large commercial and industrial systems is impacted by distribution design. Please contact Urbans Aqua for more information about standard and custom distribution systems.