Nitrate Reduction Systems


Point Of Use Systems

RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems can be used for point of use (under counter) drinking water applications.

Whole House Nitrate Reduction Systems

Clack Valve Platform

Your customers expect their water to be clear and clean throughout the home.  When properly sized nitrate removal systems reduce nitrates to acceptable mcl levels.  The EPA has set maximum contaminant levels (mcl) for nitrate as NO3-1 at 10.0 mg/L (as N) and Nitrite as NO2-1 at 1.0 mg/L (as N).  While it is possible to use Type I and II anion exchange resins, the safest treatment for point of entry (POE) drinking water is nitrate selective ion exchange resin.

Pre-treatment of the water with a softener and or iron removal systems may be required ahead of the nitrate system.  Considering potential health concerns proper sizing of nitrate systems is imperative.  We recommend a full water analysis including total anions prior to application.

Sources of Nitrate

Nitrate Health Effects

Treatment Methods

Whole house treatment is strongly recommended although other treatment methods are available for point use – reverse osmosis and distillation.

Standard Features

System Advantages

Clack Valve Features

Nitrate System Component Details - Clack

WQA Gold Seal Certified ResinYesNitrate Selective
Fiberglass TankYesNatural Color Only
Size Varies
NSF Certified Clack Valve 1"Yes1x60" High Flow Distributor Tube
NSF Certified Clack Valve 1.25"Yes1.25" Distributor Tube w/930 Basket
Brine Tank with Float AssemblyYesSize Varies by Model; Color matches fiberglass tank
Bypass ValveOptionalStrongly recommended for service interuptions.
Adapter KitYesMust Specify with Order

System Notes:

Nitrate Reduction Systems Clack Valve

ModelCapacityResin (CF)Service Flow Rate (GPM)Min. Backwash Flow Rate (GPM)Brine SystemMineral Tank Size
HSOMP-CLRN-30BYAnalysis Dependent12-51.216x33 Round
with Float
HSOMP-CLRN-45BYAnalysis Dependent1.55-81.516x33 Round
with Float
HSOMP-CLRN-50BYAnalysis Dependent28-10216x33 Round
with Float