Using Tank Internals: What’s in your tank?

By: Michael Urbans

Using Proper Distribution Systems – Tank Internals

The distributor system (aka tank internals) plays a vital role in the performance of all water conditioners regardless of size.  Typical problems of poorly designed or manufactured distribution systems include:

What’s in your tank? 

Riser Tube, Standpipe, Distributor TubeRiser

Hub & Lateral Tank Internals

Bottom “Plate” Distributor

This is a proprietary high flow, high efficiency type distributor which uses the entire tank bottom rather than a tube type with a strainer at the bottom.  It’s only available as part of a complete system.  Because you’re using the entire tank bottom the flow rate potential increases.  The water is distributed evenly throughout the bed allowing for improved efficiency.

When to Use Gravel Sub-Fill

Carbon Filters - Backwashable TypeYesIf recycling carbon, separation of gravel from carbon is required.
Carbon Filters VOC RemovalNoBackwashing a carbon filter used for VOC removal will upset the mass transfer zone and may result in leakage of the contaminants.
Acid NeutralizersYesUpflow & Downflow systems
Softening - UpflowNoN/A
Softening - DownflowYes Creates a better flow pattern.

Common Problems

Urbans Aqua offers standard and custom distribution systems.

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