When used downstream of oxidizers, Pyrolox Advantage ™ effectively reduces iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and arsenic from ground water.  It is an engineered filter media that provides superior performance compared to other manganese dioxide coated medias.  

Understanding Oxidation & Filtration

Oxidation & Filtration is used to remove or reduce the following contaminants:

The most common oxidizers are:

In the past Potassium Permanganate was also used and it worked well but could turn the water purple if not applied correctly.

How it Works



Pyrolox Advantage™ Features

Operating Conditions

Typical Application Conditions 


How it works

Soluble iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide are oxidized upon contact with manganese dioxide.  The oxidation process causes these contaminants to come out of solution as a precipitate (solid) which can then be filtered.  Pyrolox Advantage has more manganese dioxide than competing products.  This results in longer run times between regenerations effectively reducing the cost of operation.

*Continuous Regeneration with air is also effective.  Please contact Urbans Aqua for details.

Comparison Chart - GreensandPlus, Katalox-Light, PyroloxAdvantage

Greensand PlusKatalox-LightPyroloxAdvantage
Weight lbs/cf906684
Standard Package0.5 cf bag
55 bags/pallet
1 cf bag
40 bags/pallet
0.5 cf bag
48 bags/pallet
% Manganese Dioxide <5%>9.5%12.5%
Service Flow Rate2-12 gpm/sq.ft.6-12 gpm/sq.ft.2-12 gpm/sq.ft.
Backwash Flow Rate @ 55 deg F12 gpm/sq.ft. (Note A)12 gpm/sq.ft. (Note A)12 gpm/sq.ft. (Note A)
RegenerationIntermittent or Continuous - ChlorineDuring backwash (Note B)Intermittent or Continuous - Chlorine or O2