MetSorb® Arsenic Filter Media

MetSorb HMRG arsenic media is used to reduce arsenic contamination from drinking water.  Arsenic is a grey, semi-metal element.  Arsenic enters ground water from both natural sources and human activity. Contamination can sometimes be traced to deep-water brines produced from gas and oil well drilling. It is also be found in wood preservatives and may be a byproduct of herbicide production.

MetSorb adsorbs lead, both forms of arsenic and a variety of contaminants found in well water or municipal drinking water.  Empty bed contact times (EBCT) can as low as 10 seconds achieve high removal efficiencies.  Its adsorptive capacity is 7-12 grams of arsenic per kilogram (g/kg) of HMRG adsorbent in drinking water applications with a pH range of 6.5-8.5.  In industrial applications much higher capacities have been measured – up to 400 g/kg.

If you use Greensand, Katalox Light or Pyrolox Advantage type medias for iron removal, the iron can complex with the arsenic and be removed.  However, be careful of the capacity or loading factor.  Greensand like products will not hold the arsenic forever. These iron filters will change the arsenic III to V so you can take full advantage of the MetSorb capacity.

Metsorb HMRG Specifications

White Granular Solid
Moisture Content<7%
Bulk Density40 lbs. per cf
0.65 grams/cc
OtherFree Flowing
Particle Size-16/+60 US Mesh

MetSorb HMRG Features & Benefits



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