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We don’t just brag about our extensive water treatment knowledge we put the words to this virtual paper.  The purpose of the “Mike-O-Pedia” is to share knowledge with our peers.  We will be posting on a regular basis and look forward to answering questions or discussing comments and applications with our dealer customer base.

We will collect and frequently update the Mike-o-Pedia. (Mike’s a little self-centered, you may find tidbits from others too but, of course, we run it through Mike.)  This information is listed in the FAQ’s.

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Current and future customers can find:

WQRF Contaminant Occurrence Map

The new Contaminant Occurrence Map displays data in the United States for regulated drinking water contaminants that have an enforceable level (MCL or Action Level) above the health-based goal level (MCLG) and also aesthetic contaminants that can cause taste, odor and color or staining issues.

WQRF Contaminant Occurrence Map

Unregulated Contaminant Map

The containment map was generated using data from the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR3), an initiative by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that gathered data from public water systems reporting unregulated contaminants. Click on each step to find the contaminants in the area you wish to select.

WQA – Unregulated Contaminant Map

The content in the “Mike-O-Pedia” is always growing, check back frequently.

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