GreensandPlus is a proven technology for iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and arsenic removal.  GreensandPlus is an exact replacement for Manganese Greensand.

Unlike Greensand, GreensandPlus can regenerated with chlorine, not just potassium permanganate.



GreensandPlus Properties

Mesh Size
18 x 60
Effective Size0.30 - 0.35 mm
pH Range6.2 - 8.5
Density80 lbs/cf
Service Flow Rate2-12 gpm/sq.ft.
Backwash Rate12 gpm/sq.ft. Minimum
Minimum Bed Depth15" Dual Bed
30" Single Bed
Bed Expansion40%

Comparison Chart - GreensandPlus, Katalox-Light, PyroloxAdvantage

Greensand PlusKatalox-LightPyroloxAdvantage
Weight lbs/cf906684
Standard Package0.5 cf bag
55 bags/pallet
1 cf bag
40 bags/pallet
0.5 cf bag
48 bags/pallet
% Manganese Dioxide <5%>9.5%12.5%
Service Flow Rate2-12 gpm/sq.ft.6-12 gpm/sq.ft.2-12 gpm/sq.ft.
Backwash Flow Rate @ 55 deg F12 gpm/sq.ft. (Note A)12 gpm/sq.ft. (Note A)12 gpm/sq.ft. (Note A)
RegenerationIntermittent or Continuous - ChlorineDuring backwash (Note B)Intermittent or Continuous - Chlorine or O2