Microplastics in Oceans, Waste Water, Drinking Water

By: Denise Urbans

Microplastics In Drinking Water

WQA recently sent out information regarding Microplastics which are invisible bits of plastic found in our drinking water, atmosphere, waste water, lakes, streams, rivers and oceans.

Fleece Microplastics

Fleece Frog in Plastic Bottle

These particles are generated from human activities.  They may start out as larger plastic pieces that slowly degrade or be the result of a manufacturing process.

Why treat for it? We don’t know what we don’t know.

Microplastics are measured by microns µ and are generally not visible to the human eye.   How big is a micron µ?

How to treat the water.

Because the microplastics are not visible any technology which is capable of fine filtration will reduce or remove microfibers from drinking water.

What can we do to reduce microplastics?

Not sure what we can do about tires?  But the rest is pretty obvious!

Truck Tires as Floating Dock

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