Urbans Aqua stocks WQA Gold Seal Certified Chemical Free Ultrapro ultrafilters for quick shipment to our dealers.


Technical Overview

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a variety of membrane filtration in which forces like pressure or concentration gradients lead to a separation through a semipermeable membrane. (Wikipedia) It is used to separate out suspended matter, bacteria, viruses, cysts and tannins from water. Ultrafiltration removes contaminants in the size range of 0.05 – 0.01 microns.  A human red blood cell is 7 microns and human hair is 40 microns.

UltraPro Ultra Filter

Urbans Aqua Ultrafilters

Urbans Aqua is an authorized distributor of Master Water Conditioning’s UltraPro with proprietary UF technology.  This system achieves a 6-Log (99.9999%) reduction of bacteria and a 4 log cyst reduction.

When combined with a UV, ultrafiltration is perfect for installation where well water has questionable bacterial quality.  It is also ideal for filtering lake water and cottage systems because it removes all the cysts, parasites and viruses.   

Aids in the reduction of:

UltraPro Benefits

UltraPro Ultrafilters - Specifications

ModelService Flow (GPM) @ 15dPClean Water Regeneration24 Hr. Treatment RegenerationTank SizeTank Quantity
Yes8" x 42"2
Yes8" x 42"2
No8" x 42"1
Yes8" x 22"2
Yes8" x 22"2
ULTRA4FLBT4.5YesNo8" x 22"1

UtlraPro Features

UltraPro Ultrafilter Application Guie

UltraPro System
MP Ultra RS UltraUltra FLBT
Service Flow RateMP10 - 21 GPM
MP4 - 4 GPM
RS10 - 10.5 GPM
RS4 - 4.5 GPM
FLBT 10 - 10.5 GPM
FLBT 4 - 4.5 GPM
Treated Water CleaningAutomatically integrated. No additional tank requiredAutomatically integrated. No additional tank required
Requires 13 Gallon Drawdown Capacity Bladder Tank (not included).
Continuous Treated WaterYesYesNo
Cleaning Flow Rate5.3 GPM5.3 GPM5.3 GPM
Cleaning Time<5 MInutes<5 MInutes<5 MInutes
Cleaning Gallons13 Gallons13 Gallons13 Gallons
# of Membrane Tanks221
Counts Gallons of Treated WaterYesYesYes
Total Dimensions36"W x 54"H x 18"D36"W x 54"H x 18"D18"W x 54"H x 12"D

Ultrapro ultrafilters are unique.  It uses a Clack valve wetted end with custom circuitry.  This can drive 4 drive motors with a single circuit board. As a result, every UltraPro has an automatic flushing mechanism to prevent the bottom of the membrane from fouling.

Use a pilot stick to test whether UltraPro ultrafilters work for the application.


Owner’s Manuals

More About Ultrafiltration

UltraPros are commonly used to remove colloidal contaminants such as clay, silt and some organics.  Water with colloidal contaminants isn’t clear- they don’t settle out to the bottom.  A less convenient solution for these contaminants is chemical precipitation.  A chemical is injected into the water to bind up the colloid, it settles out and can be filtered.  This can be replaced by an UltraPro ultrafilter.

Ultrafiltration for lake water. Redundancy and or multiple technologies are recommended:

In extreme water or high flow situations multiple Ultrapro tanks can be operated in parallel.

Potential sources of membrane fouling:

Using the pilot stick.

As an alternative the water sample (in a clean container) can be sent to Urbans Aqua or Master Water Conditioning for testing.  Please call for more information.